Big Boys' Toys: The Thrill Of Heavy Construction Equipment

Key Considerations When Buying a Dump Truck

Dump trucks are probably the workhorses of any construction site because they are the primary mode of transporting construction tools and materials. Therefore, a dump truck is one of the first heavy machinery you should purchase for your construction company. Typically, dump truck models vary; hence, you should think through your choice carefully. In this regard, you should make crucial considerations before making a purchasing decision. This article highlights critical factors that startup construction companies should consider when buying a dump truck.

Capacity and Body Material 

A dump truck's capacity and body material are crucial to its performance on a construction site. Ideally, the capacity of a dump truck depends on a project. For instance, a small capacity dump truck is unsuitable for large construction projects because multiple trips are required. On the other hand, buying a large dump truck for a small construction project makes little sense and wastes resources. Therefore, you should match a dump truck's capacity with the amount of work for a better return on investment. The material used to make a dump box is also critical when purchasing a dump truck. For example, an aluminium dump box is light, bringing two benefits; it accommodates heavier materials and reduces fuel consumption. However, aluminium dump trucks can only carry less abrasive materials, such as sand and cement. On the other hand, steel dump boxes are durable and ideal for carrying highly abrasive building materials like boulders and gravel.

Additional Storage 

It can be frustrating to get to a construction site only to realise that you forgot some tools from the yard. While you can throw your tools and materials in a dump truck, doing so is unsafe. Notably, a dump truck with additional storage units is better because a crew can carry all their tools safely and efficiently. Additionally, a storage box prevents damage to a dump truck and the cab. It is even better if a dump truck storage unit is lockable to mitigate typical pilferage issues at a construction site.

Dump Truck Add-Ons 

Most people do not understand the benefits of a dump truck with additional features to a construction company. Although dump truck add-ons vary from one model to the next, some features cut across the board. For instance, it is better to buy a dump truck with a tarp system since you need it to haul loose debris, such as sand and gravel. Similarly, you should buy a dump truck with a communication system; for example, a dump truck with a headset system is recommended since it allows for better communication amidst all the noise common in construction sites. Therefore, the feature helps minimise runovers and back-over accidents.

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Big Boys' Toys: The Thrill Of Heavy Construction Equipment

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