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Three Guidelines to Help You Prepare Your House for Demolition

Demolishing a house is one of the most challenging projects that you might have to undertake. This is because house demolition is an extremely delicate process, and a little mistake could lead to massive damage and even loss of life. It is therefore crucial to involve experts in the demolition process and to ensure that the right process is followed for the type of construction you want to bring down. Here are three guidelines that you should follow when preparing a house for demolition.

Choosing a Demolition Contractor

The first thing that you need to do is understand that as easy as it may seem, demolition is not a DIY job. A lot of things can wrong in the process. For instance, contractors have to locate power lines, gas lines and other utility lines and disconnect them before they start their work. They also have to turn off the water to prevent water damage. In older homes, issues like asbestos are also a concern. Hiring a contractor is recommended instead of exposing yourself to all these risks.

Assessing the House

The number of factors will determine how effective a demolition method will be. These factors include how close the building is to other structures and neighbouring houses. The strength of the building's foundation is another crucial factor to consider. When the foundation is weak, the demolition contractors are forced to use very controlled demolition tactics to avoid damages and injuries which could result from sudden building collapse. If the house is close to others, they might also have to access the foundations of the neighbouring houses to ensure that they are strong enough to withstand the vibration of the earthmovers. 

Choosing a Demolition Method

There are various demolition methods available when you want to bring down a structure. The first is mechanical demolition, where earthmovers bring the house down from the roof, down. In this type of demolition, nothing is salvaged from the house. The second is manual demolition, where contractors pull apart the house from the roof down, preserving as many of the materials as possible. The last type is implosion, whereby explosives are implanted in the house, and when they go off, the house implodes on its foundation.

The first step in carrying out a successful demolition project is hiring a competent demolition contractor. As long as you have a competent contractor handling your project, you are assured that the house will be brought down easily and safely. 

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