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Top Tips When Hiring a Bobcat

Earthmovers are essential in most construction sites. They can be expensive; hence, it would be wise to hire the machines when you need them for a short period. Read the extract below to learn the various considerations to make when hiring a bobcat.

Type of Bobcat Required

Below are a few tips to help you choose a bobcat:

  • A compact excavator is small in size and therefore suitable if you are working in a confined area.
  • A compact utility tractor is best suited for landscaping works. On it, you can attach a rotary cutter, rake or grader blade. Besides, you can use it to haul landscaping and building supplies.
  • A telehandler provides a working platform when you need to work at elevated places. Moreover, it can also be used to lift construction materials to the floors above.
  • A skit steer loader is versatile since it can be used for excavation, grading, drilling or hauling works. They come in different sizes; hence, you could use them for indoor and outdoor works. 

Condition of the Bobcat

Visit the company's premises to evaluate the condition of the bobcat you would want to hire. Inspect the bobcat for oil leaks and strange engine noises. Besides, ask for the equipment's inspection report to know if the company observes the bobcat's maintenance schedule. 

Terms of Hire

Work with a reputable, licensed and experienced bobcat hire company. Evaluate the following terms of hire: 

  • Will the company provide qualified personnel to operate the bobcat? If so, who will pay the plant operators?
  • Does the company conduct routine maintenance on the bobcats?
  • Does the company provide transport services?
  • Can you move the earthmovers to a different site?
  • For long term hire, inquire if the company has a rent-to-buy option. 

Customer Service

The bobcat hire company should have a highly responsive customer service department. Remember that emergencies, such as accidents and machine breakdown, can happen as you use the machines. In such circumstances, you would need the company's directive on how to handle the issue. You could also want to extend the rental period or request another machine. 


Ask for quotes from a few companies to understand their pricing strategies. Inquire about extra and hidden charges. Other than fixed pricing, look for companies that offer discounts for long term hire and those that do not charge when the machine is idle. 

Bobcats are highly effective and reliable earthmovers. Hire the bobcat from a reputable company that has reasonable terms of hire, a robust customer care department and friendly pricing strategies. 

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Big Boys' Toys: The Thrill Of Heavy Construction Equipment

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