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Important Things to Note About Height Safety Equipment Inspection

In case you are working at a height of more than three meters, you need to wear the right height-safety equipment. If fall protection is necessary, create a complete fall protection program in case it is not already in place. The program must educate and train the workers, choose and fit any equipment needed for the task and worker and ensure proper height-safety equipment protection. This is very important, especially when it comes to height safety, because no one should have an accident on site.

Meaning of Working at Height

When you are working at height, it means that you are working above ground level or you can fall off the edge of an elevated area. Another situation is when you could fall from the ground level because of an opening in the ground or floor. Therefore, any situation that puts you at risk of falling from another level is considered working at height. Make sure that everything you are wearing went through a height-safety equipment inspection.

Fall Equipment

The wearer always has to inspect the equipment before putting it on, and there should be a written record that it went through inspection. If there is a piece of defective equipment, make sure to replace it, and in case of any doubt regarding the equipment safety, do not use it and ask for help. Any equipment that needs to be changed, like ropes, should be given attention and should not be used until the supervisor consults the manufacturer or a competent person. Each piece should undergo height-safety equipment inspection and be certified every year by a trained individual. The inspection and approval records should be kept. If necessary, use the right energy absorbers.

Preventing a Fall

Falls can be prevented by working in a safe workplace that has permanent railings or edges that have a parapet. Tower scaffolds, cherry-pickers, scissor lifts and podium steps are equipment that serve this purpose because they have guard rails that will prevent anyone from falling. In order to gain access, do not use any improvised method like a fork-lift truck with a pallet. Use the right platforms to gain access to a particular area. Make sure that the height-safety equipment inspection was properly done and the workplace should be free from any obstructions that could put anyone in danger.

Take note of these important considerations about height-safety equipment inspection before allowing the workers on the site.

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