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Dewatering Techniques Discussed in Detail

Firm and dependable surfaces are a primary requirement when working on building foundations. Wet and waterlogged grounds threaten the establishment of strong concrete foundations. They are not ideal for fresh concrete that needs to cure. The wet conditions often result from a heavy downpour that increases the amount of groundwater in the soil. The excess groundwater then seeps into excavated foundations as the packed soil layers look for an outlet to relieve the structural stress. You need to dewater your foundation if you want to come up with a good structure. Your builders can use any of the following dewatering techniques on your site.

Sump Pumping

Some structures do not have lots of axial or lateral weight. Therefore, there is no need for deep foundations. Builders will do a shallow excavation to set the foot of the structure. If groundwater collects in such shallow foundations, sump pumping is the cost-friendly and effective technique you can use to get rid of the water. The method allows you to let water gather in the foundation fitted with sumps meant for holding the excess water. When the sumps fill up, the water is pumped away using high-powered pumps that can handle water filled with sediment. A sump refers to a hollow where water can collect on the floor of a foundation, cave or mine. 


You can also use wellpoints to remove unwanted water from the foundation a building. The method involves creating lines or rings of wells around the excavated foundation. All the wellpoints connect to header pipe and pump. The wellpoint pump must be capable of handling both air and water. When buying, consider choosing a centrifugal vacuum assisted pump, which does a great job when dealing with both water and air. 


The sump pumping technique works well for shallow excavations. If your structure has a deep foundation, then you need to use the deepwell method. The method employs a bored well fitted with a submersible pump. The whole set up lowers the level of groundwater below that of the foundation, inhibiting the groundwater from seeping into your foundation. The bored wells sit in wide centres around the perimeter of the foundation to keep them from interfering with the foundation. Deepwells are only suitable for deep foundation excavations that require you to get rid of a large amount of groundwater.

Choosing the right method for dewatering foundations requires careful evaluation of the conditions on the site. You must consult a professional before deciding on the technique you will use. For more information on choosing dewatering pumps, contact your local equipment supplier. 

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