Big Boys' Toys: The Thrill Of Heavy Construction Equipment

Two Lesser Known But Very Important Tools Every Contractor Should Have

Every contractor knows that each job comes with new and different challenges that require a wide range of innovation to properly address their needs. A lot of these situations can often be solved by having access to slightly more obscure pieces of equipment that are not part of the ordinary toolbox. By knowing the right tool for your job, you can cut down on your time spent on these frustrating jobs and move on quickly. Here are some tools that can help you to finish your work quicker.

Core Drills 

Core drilling equipment works by cutting out a cylinder of material, whether it be concrete, wood, stone and even earth in some cases. They are used in situations where you need a bigger area to work with than what most other drills will give you, as they make a larger area. This is helpful for putting in pipes, making room for power points and creating outlets for appliances like air conditioning as well as for many different applications outside, like creating foundations, checking the strength of certain material and generally creating holes that are used for support. They are also used in scientific exploration of the earth due to their ability to remove the section of material they drill through. For most DIY builders, they are most useful around the house to create perfect and different sized holes quickly and are much better than either a saw or the smaller, more common drills. 

Crack Repair Saw

A crack repair saw is used on cracks in concrete to create a bigger, more manageable crack that can then be more easily repaired. Often a crack in concrete is not very big, so it is difficult to repair it well enough so that the crack does not become an issue again. Using a crack repair saw, you can follow any crack; it automatically gets rid of any spare concrete dust through its inbuilt vacuum, and then and it allows you to make sure your concrete driveway or path is secure for the long term and does not fill up with water or other liquids that can damage your concrete. A crack repair saw can save you thousands of dollars down the line because if you do not fix the crack, it can lead to the whole surface becoming unsafe or at the very least much less stable, especially if the concrete is being used as the foundation for something. 

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Big Boys' Toys: The Thrill Of Heavy Construction Equipment

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