Big Boys' Toys: The Thrill Of Heavy Construction Equipment

What to Consider When Hiring Forklift Equipment

Forklifts are one of the most popular equipment used for heavy lifting and material handling applications in the industrial sector. They are ideal for use in situations where users need to lift and move heavy loads over short distances.

If you're contemplating hiring forklift equipment for an upcoming heavy lifting industrial job, you should know that not all of the equipment are made the same. So, what can you do to ensure you choose the right forklift for your job? Here's a look at some of the top factors to review when hiring forklift equipment.

What will you be lifting and moving?

The first and perhaps most important factor to consider when shopping for a forklift is the weight of the materials or items you will be lifting and moving. Not all items and materials weigh the same, so it's vital to choose a forklift that has the load capacity required to safely and efficiently handle your loads. One of the major reasons why forklift accidents happen is because equipment users disregard the maximum weight of their equipment. So, it's best to stay safe by understanding and sticking to your machine's weight capacity. 

Where will you be using the equipment?

The ground on which you will be operating your forklift equipment will also influence the decision on which kind of equipment you should choose. If you will be carrying out your forklift operations on paved ground such as concrete warehouse floors, wheeled forklifts are the best option for you. There are many variations of wheeled forklifts, so you can find something tailored to your exact project needs. For example, 3-wheel forklifts are a great option for use in a warehouse with limited space, as they have a smaller turning radius than standard 4-wheel forklifts. When it comes performing forklift operations on unpaved ground, track-type versions are the best option. These forklifts will pass through unpaved roads with relative ease.

Another important thing to consider is whether you will be conducting your forklift operations indoors or outdoors. Electric forklifts are generally best for indoor use because they do not release potentially harmful exhaust gases. Fuel-powered forklifts, on the other hand, are designed for outdoor applications.

What extras will you need?

Last but not least, it's also important to consider the attachments and accessories you may need to get the most out of your rental. Forklift attachments and accessories like container access ramps, bale clamps, order picker cages, drum rotators and more can add more functionality to any forklift, but also lead to safer and more efficient forklift operations. The extras you choose will depend on the specific requirements of your project. 

If you still need help choosing the right forklift equipment for your industrial job, feel free to consult the professionals working at a forklift hire service near you.

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Big Boys' Toys: The Thrill Of Heavy Construction Equipment

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