Big Boys' Toys: The Thrill Of Heavy Construction Equipment

Carrot Drifts & Podger Ratchets: The Colourful World of Steel Erector Equipment

Many may think of the construction industry as dry and practical — and usually, that's the case. These businesses are outcome oriented and often deal with serious materials, deadlines and processes which preclude any chance for fun and games. However, anybody actually involved with heavy construction will know that there are plenty of complicated, colorful-sounding terms to contend with. But what do all these lighthearted-sounding names actually mean, and what's the difference between these tools?

Podger Spanners

These spanners are designed to tighten nuts and bolts, with ergonomic handles that allow for a strong, two-handed grip. They come in two main varieties — open-ended podger spanners, and ring podger spanners. These additional words refer to the end of the spanner; 'ring' spanners are enclosed circles shaped like the head of a bolt, and 'open' spanners are square compartments that a nut or bolt of any shape can be slotted into.

Podger Ratchets

Similar to the spanners, these ratchets are designed for two-handed use and allow for greater strength and control for an operator as they tighten a nut or a bolt. Ratchets in particular allow for an exceptionally tight finish, utilising the additional force exerted by the tool's internal mechanism. Different ratchet heads are available depending on the shape of the nut they'll be tightening, but by and large, they all work the same way.

Carrot Drifts

So-called because of their shape, carrot drifts are tethered poles that allow operators to align two holes. They are tethered so that they can be used to check two different hole sizes in one; either end can be used, depending on what the operator wishes to check. They are made out of durable metal to ensure limited breakage and deterioration.

Barrel Drifts

Similar to carrot drifts, these are designed to check the alignment of holes during construction — but these poles are tethered at both ends. They can also be used to expand the size of an existing hole by being ground into the hole and manually wearing it down. Again, these are available in a wide variety of sizes, and they will be made from durable metals to ensure that they last. They are also sometimes known as 'barrel pins'.

With all this unusual terminology flying around, it's important to understand the difference between each piece of steel erection equipment. They all serve different purposes in construction, and all will be required at some point or another in the process to ensure a high-quality build. That's no laughing matter.

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Big Boys' Toys: The Thrill Of Heavy Construction Equipment

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