Big Boys' Toys: The Thrill Of Heavy Construction Equipment

Bored Pier Foundations: 3 Practical Budgeting Tips for Your Construction Project

Bored piers are beneficial for creating a firm foundation for major structures. These foundational elements are favourable because they allow the creation of a building base without the generation of a lot of noise and vibrations. These members can also support heavy loads, making them ideal for large buildings. In addition, the installation process is considerably fast. However, it is important to note that the cost of building a bored pier foundation is relatively high. Therefore, you will need to plan for the expenses for a smooth progression of the project. Here are practical tips to help you handle the budgeting process.

1. Choose the Pier Design 

You should think about the cost of designing and creating bored piers for your construction needs. It is important to ensure that the piers are designed to match the precise requirements of your project. In simple terms, the piers must be customised to provide support to your planned building. Also, they should be compatible with the ground condition. In addition to budgeting for the design and creation, you should take into consideration other services which will be required before the clearance of the piers. For instance, your foundation will need dynamic, and integrity testing and certification, and these services might incur additional charges.

2. Consider Equipment Requirements

You should plan for the hire of the equipment required for the installation of bored piers into your property. In general, heavy construction machines are expensive to acquire. The specific charges will depend on the type of equipment needed for the successful placement of bored piles. Typically, you will require drill rigs such as crane-mounted, rotary and excavator-mounted drills. It is crucial to discuss the equipment options with your contractor before making a decision. If there are several choices, you should compare the prices with the hire company. You should select the most appropriate equipment, but you must not ignore the rental costs.

3. Plan for the Labour Costs

Finally, you should budget for the labour required for the installation of your bored pier foundation. It is important to make detailed estimates of the needed workers before the commencement of the projects. This information will help you create an accurate budget for your labour costs. When consulting with your engineers and contractors, you should have them prepare the projected charges and the timeline. You should also account for potential extensions. Additionally, you should consider whether you should acquire equipment with operators or hire your own personnel. You should compare the two options and choose the most convenient for your work.

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Big Boys' Toys: The Thrill Of Heavy Construction Equipment

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