Big Boys' Toys: The Thrill Of Heavy Construction Equipment

Earthmoving Equipment Vital For Any Construction Project

Construction projects will vary in magnitude from one site to the next. However, whether you are looking to build a swimming pool on your property or construct a granny flat, one common requirement for all projects is the need for quality earthmoving equipment. These pieces of machinery go a long way in easing the construction process from levelling the land to eliminating obstacles. But whether you decide to hire earthmoving contractors or embark on a DIY earthmoving project, you need to be aware of which staples are essential. Here is a list of earthmoving equipment that is vital for any construction project. 

A backhoe loader

Although backhoe loaders are commonly confused with standard tractors, they are actually entirely different. The notable difference between these two types of heavy-equipment machinery is that backhoe loaders are outfitted with a shovel at the front. This shovel is adjustable, so it allows for more flexibility when digging up the earth. Another difference between a tractor and a backhoe loader is that the latter has a bucket at the back of machinery that is primarily utilised for digging purposes too. Backhoe loaders are considered one of the more versatile types of earthmoving equipment because they can carry out additional tasks such as transporting dirt, digging up trenches and fitting piping hardware into the ground.

A skid steer loader

Another type of earthmoving equipment that will provide you with enhanced flexibility during your construction project is a skid steer loader. This type of machinery is incredibly user-friendly, which makes it quite easy to operate. Moreover, although the equipment is bulky, it can make 360-degree turns, and this makes it especially ideal when your construction site is limited on space. One feature to note about skid steer loaders is they are equipped with high-traction wheels. Hence, you can utilise the machinery in both urban areas and rural settings.

A motor grader

While earthmoving is mostly associated with excavation, you also have to engage in levelling the field and breaking down of large materials to prepare the site accordingly.  A motor grader is the kind of machinery that will be ideal for these tasks. The equipment is outfitted with a large blade with interchangeable angles that function to level your property into flat ground. In addition to this, the blade can also break down rocks into gravel that can be employed as a base over the levelled surface.

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Big Boys' Toys: The Thrill Of Heavy Construction Equipment

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