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3 Things to Know Before Buying a Used Semitrailer from Moving Companies

If you are in the market for a used semitrailer, then you may be looking through classified ads or moving companies liquidating their current stock. Moving companies do offer good deals when they liquidate their fleet and upgrade to newer models. However, this does not mean that every moving company has quality semitrailers for sale. Before you buy a used semitrailer from a moving company, consider these three key points.

Car History or Inspection

The first thing you need to know, before buying a semitrailer from a moving company, is the history of the semitrailer. You will need to know if it has been in major accidents. You also need to know the damages and repair that have happened with the semitrailer. In some cases, you may not have a car history, but the moving company will have a final inspection instead. The inspection paperwork will let you know if there are any repairs that should be made, any issues that have been found, and if anything is covered under a warranty because it was recently repaired. This inspection or history lets you know exactly what you are getting into before you buy.

Tire Longevity and Durability

The tires may or may not appear on the inspection certificate for the semitrailer. They will most likely not appear on the repair history. For these reasons, you should check the tires and the tire tread. If the tires look worn or the tread is not what it should be, you will need to consider the purchase of the replacement tires, having them balanced and maintained. If the tires have been recently replaced, you will want to ask for the receipt of that tire change that shows the date. This will let you know roughly how long the tires will last and when you may need to replace the tires again.

Previous Use of the Semitrailer

In most moving companies, people will rent the semitrailers and other equipment based on their needs. The customer tells the company they need the semitrailer and rarely may say what the actual use will be. This could have led to misuse of the semitrailer and may have led to damage that is not normal when it comes to the particular semitrailer you are buying. For this reason, make sure you know how long the semitrailer was in the moving company fleet and how rentals of the semitrailer were handled.

These are only three of the things you need to know and look for before buying a used semitrailer from moving companies. If you think you have narrowed down the type of semitrailer you want, make sure to take a list of questions with you for the purchase. The moving company should be able to answer the questions you have and help you with concerns you might have at the time of purchase.

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